About Obducat

Obducat is an innovative developer and world-leading supplier of micro- and nano lithography solutions. Obducat’s superior lithography tools and techniques enable the realization of new and enhanced products with improved performance and functionalities. The key offerings are focused within Nanoimprint Lithography, Resist and Wet processing as well as Foundry services. Our technologies are successfully used by companies within the LED and Display, Optics and Photonics, MEMS and Sensor industries, Biomedical Devices as well as in High Power and High Frequency electronics.


In January 2022, Obducat, a leading supplier of lithography processing solutions and nanoimprint lithography (NIL) tools, and Neutronix Quintel (NxQ), a world-renowned US-based supplier of mask aligners & photolithography systems announced that the two companies entered into a collaboration agreement.
Obducat and NxQ have, previously to entering the collaboration, had a longstanding relationship and the agreement marked the start of a more comprehensive collaboration focused on sales, marketing, service, and support. The core of the collaboration is that NxQ support the sales and marketing activities as well as handle the service and support for Obducat’s products on the American continent and Obducat do the same for NxQ products on the European continent.

Obducat Product Portfolio

Obducat’s technologies include nano imprint technology, coating and wet processing technology. For fabless customers we offer Foundry Services based on our internal cleanroom facilities.
Obducat’s user-friendly lithography tools are widely known for their high quality and low Cost-of-Ownership. We combine our extensive process know-how with a wide range of standardized equipment modules configurable to meet customer specific requirements. Our lithography solutions cover needs ranging from R&D to fully automated High Volume Manufacturing (HVM).