The NXQ8000 is the industry’s first dual-use mask aligner and front to back overlay inspection system. It is being used by numerous customers for front to back overlay inspection prior to etch.

At this point in the process, wafers have had all of the top side processing and are almost complete. The value of these wafers is very high, and after an Optical Backside Alignment and exposure, they can still be stripped and reworked if the post develop alignment verification proves it is not within tolerance. Once the wafers are etched, the wafers cannot be reworked.

Many customers inspect every single backside aligned wafer prior to etch. The NXQ8000 offers this extremely valuable function, as the wafers can be fed back into the machine (after OBS alignment, exposure and development steps are completed) for IR inspection, without any hardware changes. This is typical of NxQ’s commitment to delivering a superior solution to our customers, enabling their success.

Video example of optical backside alignment:

NXQ8000 – Backside Overlay Inspection Example from Neutronix Inc on Vimeo.