NxQ 4000 Series – R&D & pilot line production

NXQ4000 Series – R&D & pilot line production

The NxQ 4000 Series Mask Aligner is ideal for universities and pilot line production, supporting substrate sizes from pieces up to 200 mm and an easy to use interface with simple, topside mask loading. The NxQ 4000 Series Semi-Automatic Mask Aligner combines innovative design with precision alignment and exposure features. The automatic sequencing makes the system very easy to learn and use and is well suited for multi-user labs. The extreme reliablity, low cost of ownership and versatility of the NxQ 4000 has made it the choice of manufacturing facilities, R&D Centers and university programs around the world, for a wide range of technologies.

The NxQ 4000 Series Mask Aligner is ideal for Microelectronics, LED / HB LED, 3D IC, SIOP, WLP, 2.5D Interposer, MEMS, BioMEMS, MicroFluidics, Compound Semi, Solar (HCPV), and Optoelectronics applications.

NXQ4000 Features and Specifications

Standard Features
  • Substrate sizes from pieces to 200mm (8”) diameter
  • VideoView Microscope with High Definition Cameras and Dual HD Monitors. Splitfield/ singlefield alignment, Infinity Corrected 5x Objectives, 7x Optical Zoom (select desired field of view and magnification). Optional Objectives – 2x, 7.5x, 10x or 20x
  • Through Objective LED Illumination
  • Low Diffraction, High Resolution Printing Optics
  • Soft/Hard Pressure Contact. Vacuum Contact and Manual Proximity exposure modes
  • Manual X-Y joystick and micrometer theta alignment stage. X-Y Micrometers optional
  • Z Axis – Frictionless air bearing – highly reliable and maintenance free
  • Easy manual tray-load for substrate loading / unloading
  • Automatic Wedge Error Compensation and movement to Align Gap after loading wafer
  • Topside mask loading
  • UltraSense constant power or constant intensity UV power supply
  • Vibration Isolation table included as standard
  • Very intuitive and easy operation, well suited for multi-user labs
  • Extremely reliable, low maintenance and low cost of ownership
  • Pulsed exposure timer sequencing
Optional Features
  • Infrared Backside Alignment (IR)
  • Optical Backside Alignment (OBS)
  • DIC / Nomarski Viewing Optics – Ideal for Transparent Substrates and Films which require enhanced contrast.
  • UV-LED Exposure Optics
  • Integrated UV-NIL Hardware, Software, Polymers, Test stamp and Complete Methodology for complete UV-NIL process flow. Guaranteed delivery of 100nm process that can be refined for feature sizes of 10-20nm.
    Includes Process Support.
  • NUV Hg (280-350nm) / MID UV (280-450nm) / DUV Hg-Xe (220-280nm) exposure optics
Technical Specifications
  • Print Modes: Soft/Hard Pressure, Vacuum Contact and Manual Proximity print modes
  • Print Resolution:
    • = / >0.6 microns (with vacuum contact-)
  • Alignment Stage
    • Alignment Travel: X-Y +/- 3.8mm
    • Alignment Travel Theta:  +/- 7 degrees
    • Top side Alignment overlay*:  less than 1 micron
    • Bottom side Alignment overlay*: less than 1.5 microns (OBS), less than 3 microns (IR)
      * Operator/ process dependant Video View
  • Video View Microscope Travel Range
    • Left Microscope Travel X: -22mm to Wafer Edge
    • With Offset Objectives : -5.5mm to Wafer Edge
    • Right Microscope Travel X: +22mm to Wafer Edgen
    • With Offset Objectives: +5.5mm to Wafer Edge
    • R/L Microscope Travel in Y:  +/- 12.7mm (Optional Extended Y Travel Microscope: +12.7mm, -88mm)
  • UV Lamphouse/ UV Exposure Optics
    • UV Lamphouse: 350/500W or 500/1KW
    • Exposure Optics UV: (350-450 nm) Standard
    • Exposure Optics NUV (Optional): (280-350nm)
    • Exposure Optics MID UV (Optional): (280-450nm)
    • Exposure Optics DUV (Optional): (220-280nm)
    • UV Uniformity: +/- 4%, 6” diameter field, +/- 5%, 8” diameter field
  • Electronics / Control
    • Programming & Control
    • PLC with LCD Display
    • Intuitive operator Interface with menu driven operation
  • System Requirements
    • Voltage: 115VAC,/60 Hz or 240VAC 50Hz
    • Compressed Air: 5.4 bar (80 PSI)
    • Vacuum: -0.7 bar (21” Hg)
    • Nitrogen (or CDA): 3 bar (40 PSI)
  • System / Module Data
    • W x D x H:  ~.1220mm x 915mm x 1423mm, (48” x 36”x 56”)
    • Weight: 217Kg ( 480 Lb)

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