NxQ 200 UV-LED Flood Exposure System

  • The NxQ 200 UV-LED Flood Exposure System is designed to replace conventional Hg (Mercury) light sources operating either in broadband or at i-line (365nm).

  • The UV intensity is fully adjustable through software control.  UV intensities, as measured on the exposure plane are:

    • Up to 31mW/cm2 @ 365nm

    • Up to 75mW/cm2 @ 405nm

  • The NxQ 200 intensities equate to Hg light sources operating at 1,000W

  • Accommodates up to 200mm wafer size

  • Software control of exposure wavelength(s) and intensity

  • Long-lasting with no routine maintenance requirement due to UV-LED light source

  • Constant intensity, monitored and controlled by on-board metrology

  • Instant ON, with no light source warm-up

  • Low power consumption

  • Closed-loop, liquid-cooled system

  • USB remote interface

  • Non-uniformity <3%

  • 19” 4U rack-mounted controller

  • Standard light source size is 10”x10”x36”, with custom designs available

  • Configurations available for:

    • UV Curing 

    • Shadow Mask/Edge Bead 

    • 1st Mask 

    • Replacement for track-based Hg Flood Expose units

  • Biotechnology, Microfluidics, Microelectronics, LED, MEMS, Compound Semiconductor, Solar, Optoelectronics
  • Advanced Packaging:
    • 3DIC
    • SIP
    • WLP
    • 2.5D Interposer

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