NXQ8012 - Mask Aligner & Front-to-back Overlay Inspection

NXQ 8012

The NXQ8012 Production Mask Aligner and Front to Back Overlay Inspection System integrates state of the art Robotic Automation and alignment stage design. Equipped  with the revolutionary UV-LED exposure optics, the printing performance is far superior to that of mercury bulb source and last 7-10 years in an HVM environment.  The NXQ8012 alignment stage utilizes the latest in linear motion technology. With encoder feedback loops measuring actual stage position not motor position, the vision system is not limited by the hardware, allowing for alignment accuracies of less than 0.5um 3 sigma. This accuracy is achieved using our Quadcam Microscope with 5x objectives, delivering an ideal combination of ‘Magnification’, ‘Field of View’ and ‘Depth of Focus’.

The Dual Arm Robot from Milara Corp. delivers lightning fast wafer transfer at twice the accuracy of competitors and incorporates a pre-aligner from Logosol which can detect transparent substrates making it ideal for not only silicon, but a wide range of compound semiconductor materials. It is a WTS combination that is by far the best in the industry.

The NXQ8012 Series Mask Aligner combines “open architecture” modular design with precision alignment and exposure features. Scalable from R&D with the 8012M to HVM by adding Robot Upgrade; same process recipes from R&D to HVM and handles partial and whole substrates up to 320mmx320mm.

The versatility of the NXQ8012 makes it the preferred choice of manufacturing facilities, R&D Centers around the world, for a wide range of technologies.

The NXQ8012 Mask Aligner is ideal for Microelectronics, 3D IC, WLP, 2.5D Interposer, MEMS and Solar (HCPV) applications.

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