The NxQ 8012 AL Mask Aligner and Front to Back Overlay Inspection System integrates state of the art Robotic Automation and alignment stage design. Equipped  with the revolutionary UV-LED exposure optics, the printing performance is far superior to that of mercury bulb source and last 7-10 years in an HVM environment.  The NxQ 8012 AL alignment stage utilizes the latest in linear motion technology. With encoder feedback loops measuring actual stage position not motor position, the vision system is not limited by the hardware, allowing for alignment accuracies of less than 0.5um 3 sigma. This accuracy is achieved using our Quadcam Microscope with 5x objectives, delivering an ideal combination of ‘Magnification’, ‘Field of View’ and ‘Depth of Focus’.

The Dual Arm Robot from Milara Corp. delivers lightning fast wafer transfer at twice the accuracy of competitors and incorporates a pre-aligner from Logosol which can detect transparent substrates making it ideal for not only silicon, but a wide range of compound semiconductor materials. It is a WTS combination that is by far the best in the industry.

The versatility of the NxQ 8012 makes it the preferred choice of manufacturing facilities, R&D Centers around the world, for a wide range of technologies.

The NxQ 8012 AL Mask Aligner is ideal for Microelectronics, 3D IC, WLP, 2.5D Interposer, MEMS, and Solar (HCPV) applications.

Standard Features
  • Full-field Exposure up to 320 mm Diameter
  • UV-LED Broadband or I-Line exposure Source (Tuneable)
  • Top Side Alignment .5um +/- 3 sigma
  • Backside Alignment .75um +/- 3 sigma
  • Manual or Automatic operation
  • Extremely Small Cleanroom footprint
  • Suitable for R&D, Pilot or HVM
Technical Specifications
  • Alignment Stage utilizes the latest in linear motion technology with encoder
    feedback measuring actual stage position (not motor position)
    Substrate Flexibility
         • Up to 3mm thick.
         • Up to 1.0 Kg substrate payload.
         • Si, Glass, Ceramic, Flexible.
         • Ø 100 mm to Ø 300 mm
         • Round, Square, Irregular.
    Backside with IR imaging; suitable for through wafer alignment and
    for Backside Alignment Meteorology.
    Auto Load for HVM, cassette, SMIF, FOUP
  • Exposure Modes
       Soft, Pressure, Vacuum Contact and Proximity Printing Modes
  • Print Resolution
       Proximity 4 um at 20um gap
       Soft Contact 3 um
       Hard Contact 2 um
       Vacuum Contact 1 um
    Note: Achievable resolution depends on many process conditions including wafer
    m flatness, resist type and therefore might vary according to the actual process.
  • Alignment Accuracy (+/- 3 sigma)
       Top Side Alignment (TSA) (Contact) 0.5um (Proximity) 0.5um
       Backside Alignment (BSA) (Contact) 0.75um (Proximity) 0.75um
  • Alignment Stage
       Alignment Travel X-Y and Theta Motorized with automatic re-centering
       X-Y Movement  +/- 4mm, 50nm resolution
       Theta Rotation Range  +/-4 degrees, 4×10-4 °/μ resolution
       Mask/ Wafer separation  0 – 1000um with 1um resolution
  • Microscope Travel Range
       R/L Microscope Travel in X  ± 22mm to 190mm
       R/L Microscope Travel in Y  +/- 175mm
  • Top Side Microscopes
      UHD Quadcam Microscope
      5x Objectives with Digital Zoom, Optional 2x or 7.5 x
  • Electronics / Connectivity
       Windows 10 64-bit
       SECS / GEM, OCR, Barcode
       Local / Remote Diagnostics
  • UV-LED Exposure Optics
    UV LED Lamphouse
    Mono or Poly-Chromatic (365nm or BB), Uniformity ±3%
         o Tuneable Polychromatic (GHI spectrum) recipe set 20 – 100%
                 Intensity Output Range
                             • Up to 19.0 m W/cm2 I – Line
                             • Up to 43 m W/cm2 Broadband
                 Replaces 2kW Hg Lamp
        o High Power I-line unit recipes set 20-100%
                 Intensity Output Range
                              • Up to 38 m W/cm2 I – Line
                 Replaces 5kW Hg Lamp
      Life Span 7 -10 years in HVM
      Low heat generation/ No Exhaust Required

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