Mask Aligner Products

NxQ mask aligners are designed for use in both R&D and production settings. With a range of price points and functionality to meet any need, mask aligner systems from NxQ will provide a high performance, cost-optimized solution for any need.  All platforms are now available with a revolutionary UV-LED exposure source which has superior performance over mercury bulbs and will last 7-10 years in a HVM environment!

Our products are proudly made in the USA, making our support and service second to none.

NEW! NXQ9000 Series

The NXQ9000 series is the first-of-its-kind 1x proximity stepper in the marketplace for full field or step and repeat exposures. Available in Roll to Roll or large area substrate formats. Features include:

  • Step and repeat exposure to control runout effects and CD variations possible with large area 1x Full field aligners
  • Supports contact and proximity printing modes, selectable by user
  • Handles roll to roll or entire substrates up to 320mm square; larger substrate sizes available

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Performance NXQ8000 Series

The NXQ8000 series offers a scalable, high volume production platform. Features include:

  • ‘Open architecture’ modular design with precision alignment and exposure features
  • Supports vacuum, contact and proximity printing modes
  • Handles partial and whole substrates up to 200mm (8”) diameter
  • Scalable from R&D to HVM by adding Robot Upgrade

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Affordable NXQ4000 Series

The NXQ4000 series is a cost-effective product designed for R&D, universities and pilot line production. Features include:

  • Easy to use interface with simple, topside mask loading
  • Supports soft/hard pressure contact and vacuum contact printing
  • Handles partial and whole substrates up to 200mm (8”) diameter
  • Optional Backside Alignment and UV Nano Imprint Lithography

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300 mm Mask Aligner – Now available! See the NXQ8012!

Our 300 mm mask aligner is now available for purchase – See the NXQ8012.
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NXQ200 UV-LED Flood Exposure System

The NXQ200 UV-LED Flood Exposure System is designed to replace conventional Hg (Mercury) light sources operating either in broadband or at i-line (365nm).

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