AML Wafer Bonder

The AML wafer bonder system provided by NxQ provides anodic, eutectic, direct (High & Low Temperature) glass frit, adhesive, solder & thermo-compression wafer bonding, providing alignment and bonding in a single machine.

  • In-situ alignment 1 micron accuracy
  • 10-6mbar Vacuum to 2bar process gas
  • Voltage up to 2.5kV
  • Temperature up to 560° C
  • Forces up to 100kN
  • Market leading fast bonding cycle times / high throughput
  • Wafer sizes 2″- 8″
  • In-situ UV cure

  • Lowest cost per bond & ownership of any machine available
  • Easy to install; only N2, Compressed Air, Water & Process gas if required
  • Small footprint
  • Market leading, proven, high reliability, minimal servicing
  • Does not take up time (operational or set up) on your mask aligner
  • Standard machines & custom options to suit customer needs
  • Excellent technical process support – fast response
  • Economic high volume production via multiple machines
  • Complete systems – We don’t tie you into buying other equipment
  • Worldwide Machine base UK, Europe, USA & Far East

  • Alignment:Manual and auto alignment. In-situ alignment has advantages over other bonders (where alignment is made outside the bond chamber).‘One click’ align and bond. Visible and IR.Image capture for widely spaced 3D alignment marks.
  • Hot or Cold Alignment: This eliminates alignment inaccuracies due to thermal expansion & mismatch between wafers, machine parts & platens.
  • Large wafer separation: Allows large temperature difference between wafers – ideal for better activation or in-situ oxide reduction via process gas e.g. forming gas. Also allows fast, high vacuum & well defined bonding environment.
  • In-situ system: Also enables visual confirmation just before the bonding process that the desired alignment is still being achieved.
  • Wafer sizes: 2”, 3″, 4″, 5”, 6” & 8”. (Also chips & odd shaped substrates, but without alignment).
  • Manipulator: Enables in-situ alignment of wafers under vacuum and at elevated temperature. Contact force: up to 15kN provided via manual or motorised hydraulics. Precise wafer parallelism adjustment. Alignment accuracy 1 μm.
  • Optics: Twin Microscope – camera system with through-the-lens illumination. Two CCD cameras and side-by-side display of images. Including IR capability. Simultaneous display of wafer separation & bonding force for complete
    alignment control.
  • Bonding Environment: Vacuum, or process gas. Fully automated dry turbo pumping system ~ 1×10-6 mbar to 2bar absolute pressure.
  • Temperature: Both Upper & Lower Platens independently adjustable in 1 °C steps. Heating & cooling rates are programmable. Max Temperature is 560°C.
  • Electrodes (for Anodic bonding): Full size heated platens for both upper and lower electrodes for better bond uniformity. 0-2.5 kV DC up to 40 mA. Constant current or voltage operation, for improved process control & stress management.

  • Auto alignment
  • Triple stack bonding tool
  • Powered lid
  • Pressure control
  • CMOS compatible
  • High accuracy system for 1μm alignment
  • RAD tool for low temperature activated bonding
  • In-situ UV Cure
  • Motorised X, Y, Ǿ & Z movement
  • Image capture
  • Process support
  • Vacuum platens
  • Polymer embossing

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