Founded in 1989, Neutronix has become widely recognized as the premier supplier of mask aligner and photolithography systems. Manufacturers who need to increase capacity quickly have found that we are unmatched in our ability to deliver production ready equipment at a highly competitive price. Equally as important, we are a full service manufacturer, providing our customers with a single source for training, equipment maintenance and parts replacement.


NxQ offers mask aligners designed for a variety of functional needs and price points.  NxQ Aligners can now be equipped with the latest technology utilizing UV-LED exposure source which has dramatically better uniformity, incorporates recipe set intensity levels of g, h and i line peaks as well as bulb life spans up to 10 years or more.

Wafer Bonder

The AML wafer bonder system provided by NxQ provides anodic, eutectic, direct (High & Low Temperature) glass frit, adhesive, solder & thermo-compression wafer bonding, providing alignment and bonding in a single machine.

Obducat Lithography Products

Obducat’s key offerings are focused within the areas of Nanoimprint Lithography, Resist and Wet processing as well as Foundry services. Obducat’s user-friendly lithography tools are widely known for their high quality and low Cost-of-Ownership. We combine superior process know-how with a wide range of standardized products and equipment, which can be customized to meet specific requirements.