Neutronix Quintel (NXQ) Announces New Mask Aligner for Substrates of Multiple Sizes up to 12” or 300mm

NXQ 8012

Morgan Hill, Calif.  — NXQ, a leading provider of production photolithography equipment, today announced the shipment of their new 300mm mask alignment system.

The NXQ8012 is a significant addition to Neutronix Quintel’s industry-leading mask aligner product line and utilizes the latest in linear motion technology combined with an integrated, state-of-the-art Robotic Automation and alignment stage design. The NXQ8012 delivers an impressive array of features including:

  • A comprehensive precision alignment system: With encoder feedback loops measuring actual stage position (not motor position), the vision system is not limited by the hardware, allowing for alignment accuracies of less than 0.5µm 3 sigma.

  • Backside Alignment (BSA) for patterning the backside of wafers: The BSA system has both optical and infrared capabilities integrated into the same unit, allowing the system to be used not only as a photolithography system, but also as an IR microscope for front to back overlay verification.

  • Availability in two configurations for maximum flexibility: The NXQ8012 offers the choice of a small footprint manual load system designed for R&D and pilot line use which is 55 % smaller than its major competitor and is available with an optional add on single FOUP loader system. The NXQ8012 manual load system allows the use of partial and whole substrates of multiple sizes up to 12″ on a single machine, creating unmatched configuration flexibility for multiple projects. For volume production, the NXQ8012 is available as a fully automated version, configured for 200mm/300mm FOUP. The automated version of the NXQ8012 Series Mask Aligner incorporates an EFEM from Milara Corp., delivering lightning fast wafer transfer at twice the positional accuracy of competitors.

Product Availability:

The NXQ8012 is available today in production quantities. Please visit for more information.

About NXQ

NXQ manufactures photolithography and metrology equipment for customers who develop and manufacture a wide range of semiconductor products including MEMS, Wafer Level Packaging (WLP), 3DIC, System in Package (SIP), Compound Semiconductor (CS), Microfluidics, Optoelectronics and Bio Science technologies. NXQ was founded by industry veterans and has been designing and manufacturing mask aligners for over 35 years.


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