Neutronix Quintel (NXQ) Announces New Agreement with leading UV-LED Light Source Manufacturer

NXQ 8012

Announcement highlights exclusive agreement for NXQ’s manufacture of world-class mask aligner and flood exposure products utilizing advanced UV-LED light sources

Morgan Hill, Calif. (September 25, 2020) — Neutronix-Quintel, Inc. (NXQ), a leading provider of production photolithography equipment, today announced an exclusive agreement to integrate advanced UV-LED light sources in NXQ mask aligners and flood exposure tools produced by NXQ for worldwide customers.

The advanced UV-LED light sources are best-in-class solutions that are ideally suited for semiconductor manufacturing (photolithography), as well as challenging UV-curing applications.  Features of their high-power LED light sources are beneficial when there is a need to establish robust processes.  These UV-LED light sources are polychromatic, offering unparalleled ability to optimized speed and resolution of the overall photolithography process.

According to Brett Arnold, President of NXQ, “NXQ has been looking for an outstanding partner to supply and support UV-LED light sources, and we are delighted to announce that we have entered into an exclusive agreement.   Their design and manufacturing capabilities are second-to-none and working with them on an ongoing basis has been an extremely positive experience.  We have successfully integrated their UV-LED lights sources into our existing portfolio of state-of-the-art mask aligners, as well as our recently introduced flood exposure tool product line.”

These UV-LED light sources are available as an option on all our Mask Aligner products, and a standard feature of our new NXQ200 Flood Exposure System.  NXQ has already begun delivering NXQ8012 Mask Aligners, NXQ8000C Cluster Tools, and NXQ200 Food Exposure Systems with these UV-LED light sources.  The ease of integration of these UV-LED light sources into NXQ products also allows NXQ the unique ability to offer our customers the ability to upgrade their existing NXQ tools.  NXQ has worked diligently with our UV-LED light source partner to enhance the capability of our state-of-the-art mask aligners in terms of resolution and throughput.

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About NXQ

NXQ manufactures photolithography and metrology equipment for customers who develop and manufacture a wide range of semiconductor products including MEMS, Wafer Level Packaging (WLP), 3DIC, System in Package (SIP), Compound Semiconductor (CS), Microfluidics, Optoelectronics and Bio Science technologies. NXQ was founded by industry veterans and has been designing and manufacturing mask aligners for over 35 years.

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