Neutronix Quintel (NXQ) Announces Licensing and Integration of Lavorro’s Smart-Fab Analytics Platform for Enhanced Production Efficiency of the NXQ8000 Series of Mask Aligners

Morgan Hill, Calif. (August 2, 2021) — Neutronix-Quintel, Inc. (NXQ), a leading provider of production photolithography equipment, today announced that it has selected Lavorro’s Smart-Fab Analytics Platform to enhance production efficiency of the NXQ8000 series of mask aligners.

According to Brett Arnold, President of NXQ, “NXQ continues to push-the-envelope in terms of mask aligner production capability and efficiency, and the integration of Lavorro’s Smart-Fab Analytics Platform allows us to take this to a whole new level never seen before in the industry.” Bill Campbell, Principal Software Engineer at NXQ, goes on to say that “Lucy BOT will be our first line of defense for operators and technicians to troubleshoot tool performance without having to engage an NXQ technician. Tools will be back online faster, and problems will be detected before they happen. Using sophisticated analytic capabilities, customers will be able to fine tune their processes for enhanced tool performance.”

The NXQ8000 Production Mask Aligner is an industry-leading workhorse lithography tool that integrates state-of-the-art alignment stage design with advanced optics. Equipped with a revolutionary UV-LED exposure source, the printing performance is superior to that of mercury lamp sources and will last 7-10 years in an HVM environment before any major service is required. The NXQ8000 alignment stage utilizes the latest in linear motion technology so the vision system is not limited by the hardware, allowing for alignment accuracies of less than 0.5um, 3 sigma. This accuracy is achieved using our Quadcam Microscope with 5x objectives, delivering an ideal combination of magnification, field-of-view, and depth-of-focus.

“Integrating Lavorro’s NLP Virtual Assist and AI/ML driven analytics on NXQ’s lithography tools greatly improves the uptime, setup time, recipe organization, metrics and predictive intelligence from a real-time tool and metrology data standpoint”, said Arya Bhattacherjee, VP of Products and Business Development at Lavorro. “NXQ serves the advanced packaging and Beyond Moore market for various business verticals, and Lavorro aims to take their capability even higher.”

About NXQ

NXQ manufactures photolithography and metrology equipment for customers who develop and manufacture a wide range of semiconductor products including MEMS, Wafer Level Packaging (WLP), 3DIC, System in Package (SIP), Compound Semiconductor (CS), Microfluidics, Optoelectronics and Bio Science technologies. NXQ was founded by industry veterans and has been designing and manufacturing mask aligners for over 35 years.

About Lavorro

Lavorro Inc. ( delivers innovative software solutions to improve process engineering efficiency, wafer uniformity across fleets of equipment, and improve uptime and MTBF. Lavorro provides an NLP Virtual-Assist driven AI/ML analytics platform using fabrication equipment and wafer metrology data. Lavorro accelerates time-to-resolution by connecting the tool’s native metrics, best-known methods, and knowledge-based learning system with rapid-escalation to remote experts.

More Information:

For more information on NXQ and their full line of products, please visit or contact Neutronix Quintel directly at

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