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[one_third] Featured Product – NXQ8000 Mask Aligner
NXQ8000-Mask-AlignerThe NXQ8000 Series Mask Aligner combines an ‘open architecture’ modular design with precision alignment and exposure features, delivering versatile platform for a wide range of technologies.

[one_third] Featured Product – NXQ8000 Mask Aligner
The NXQ8000 Series Mask Aligner combines an ‘open architecture’ modular design with precision alignment and exposure features, delivering versatile platform for a wide range of technologies.

[one_third] Featured Product – NXQ8000 Mask Aligner
The NXQ8000 Series Mask Aligner combines an ‘open architecture’ modular design with precision alignment and exposure features, delivering versatile platform for a wide range of technologies.


Photolithography Specialists providing custom engineered contact/proximity and mirror projection mask aligners to the Semiconductor industry. Rapid advances in photolithography technology have fueled the remarkable progress in integrated circuit manufacturing.

In this environment where change is the only constant, semiconductor manufacturers are continually searching for new ways to leverage their equipment investment.

And that’s where we come in …

Founded in 1989, Neutronix has become widely recognized as the premier supplier of both remanufactured and re-engineered photolithography systems.

Manufacturers who need to increase capacity quickly have found that we are unmatched in our ability to deliver production ready equipment at a highly competitive price.

Equally as important, we are a full service manufacturer, providing our customers with a single source for training, equipment maintenance and parts replacement.

A History of Excellence

Since 1978, Quintel has been a supplier of mask alignment systems for the semiconductor and microelectronics industry. As new markets evolved, Quintel has evolved and expanded its product offerings to become a leading provider of new microlithography tools for the Opto-electronic, Microsystem and Nanotechnology markets.
Our unique history gives us critical experience and expertise in equipment engineering. – Allowing us to consistently deliver high quality, reliable solutions.
At Quintel, we’re dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions to help get our customers online and profitable as soon as possible. Focus on customer satisfaction is our formula for success!

Partnering with Neutronix

At Neutronix, we establish long-term partnering relationships with customers worldwide, Lockheed Martin, Systron Donner, Philips, Motorola, National Semiconductor, and International Rectifier. Throughout our partnership, we look forward, identifying new opportunities to improve our customer’s manufacturing capability.

Our hands-on experience with contact, proximity and projection photolithography technology is critical to providing our customers with new ways to leverage their equipment investment. The depth and breadth of our knowledge base has given Neutronix the experience needed to go beyond rebuilding equipment.

Our in-house team of design and manufacturing experts has a proven track record in adapting mass-market technologies to highly specialized applications. Our systems modifications have been successful because we sit down and talk with our customers before we begin a project.

Then we custom engineer a solution that reflects our customer’s production requirements and business goals. Partnering with Neutronix is a long term decision that starts to pay off immediately.

Our people and facilities

To keep pace with customer demand, we recently expanded our manufacturing capability. Our new 32,000 square foot facility located in Morgan Hill, California, is built around a core of innovative technology and processes.

However, we believe that manufacturing quality is determined by people not processes. That is why we select our people with great care. At the heart of our manufacturing operation are self directed teams of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable specialists. We provide them with the resources, training, and guidance they need to meet our exacting quality standards. At every step of the manufacturing process we encourage personal initiative and creative problem solving. This gives us far greater control over quality, cost, and delivery systems.

At Neutronix, we are committed to broadening our product spectrum so that we can offer advanced solutions that successful companies need to become more productive and competitive. We have gathered the people, technology, and systems necessary to meet that commitment.



Fondée en 1989, Neutronix est aujourd’hui largement reconnue comme le premier fournisseur de systèmes d’alignement de masques et de photolithographie. Les fabricants qui ont besoin d’augmenter rapidement leur capacité ont constaté que nous sommes inégalés dans notre capacité à fournir des équipements prêts pour la production à un prix très compétitif. Tout aussi important, nous sommes un fabricant de services complets, offrant à nos clients une source unique pour la formation, la maintenance des équipements et le remplacement des pièces.


NxQ propose des mask aligners conçus pour une variété de besoins fonctionnels et de prix. Les aligneurs NxQ peuvent désormais être équipés de la toute dernière technologie utilisant une source d’exposition UV-LED qui présente une uniformité nettement supérieure, incorpore des niveaux d’intensité des pics des lignes g, h et i définis par la recette, ainsi que des durées de vie des ampoules pouvant atteindre 10 ans ou plus.

Colleuse de plaquettes

Le système de collage de tranches AML fourni par NxQ permet le collage anodique, eutectique, direct (haute et basse température) de frittes de verre, d’adhésifs, de soudures et de thermocompression de tranches, assurant l’alignement et le collage dans une seule machine.


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